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Why continue to spend large sums of money heating with propane and natural gas when you can employ the efficiencies of a pool heat pump to accomplish your heating or cooling needs?

When we use numbers like $.12 KWH vs $1.00 per therm for natural gas we can demonstrate that the operating cost of using a pool heat pump will be half the operating cost of a natural gas pool heater.

When we use $2.50 per gallon for propane, the operating cost of using a propane pool gas heater will be 4 times as much as the operating cost of a pool heat pump.

A pool heat pump transfers heat from the surrounding air. Typically a pool heat pump is transferring 5.5 watts of heat for every 1 watt of electricity it consumes.

Also, the lifespan of a pool heat pump is 10 years plus, while the lifespan of a pool gas heater is 5 years. Why? Because the main component of any pool heater is the heat exchanger. This is the component that comes in contact with the water. In a pool gas heater that heat exchanger is made of copper or an alloy of copper and nickel, which will corrode. In a pool heat pump the heat exchanger is made of titanium and titanium does not corrode.

We have pool heat pumps with the capability to not only heat your water, but will cool the water as well. We also have pool heat pumps that will chill only. We have provided pool heat pumps that both heat and cool to the Bears Bluff National Fish Hatchery in South Carolina, as well as numerous agricultural concerns.

It is most important for us to understand your needs, so we can recommend the correct size and type of air source pool heat pump or water source pool heat pump. Feel free to call us at 800-741-9956 to discuss your needs or complete the following form and we will email you a response.

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