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We understand that a heat pump is an investment that should last for years to come. It is important that you are well informed and can make an educated decision on a quality heat pump manufacturer.

At Poolheatpumps.com we only offer heat pumps from quality brands that are committed to providing reliable, energy-efficient heating systems. Our selection of heat pumps and pool heaters are offered at the lowest prices and are backed by remarkable warranties that are designed to keep you comfortable in and out of the pool.

We stand behind all of our pool heat pump manufacturers and are confident in their products. It shows in the warranty when a manufacturer builds a high quality product, so we invite you to compare manufacturer warranties to help you in your decision making process. Choose from our heat pump manufacturer list below to compare specifications and pricing.

Gulfstream Heat Pump Manufacturer Gulfstream

Heat Siphon Pool Heat Pump Manufacturer Heat Siphon

AquaCal Pool Heat Pump Manufacturer AquaCal

Jandy Pool Heat Pump Manufacturer Jandy

Summit Pool Heat Pump Manufacturer Summit

Pentair Pool Heat Pump Manufacturer Pentair

Hayward Pool Heat Pump Manufacturer Hayward

Raypak Pool Heat Pump Manufacturer Raypak

Hydro Royal Pool heat Pumps Manufacturer Hydro Royal

Waterco Pool Heat Pump Manufacturer Waterco

AquaCal Geothermal Pool Heat Pump AquaCal Geothermal

AquaCal SideWinder

Hayward Gas Pool Heater Hayward H-Series Gas Pool Heaters

Raypak Gas Pool Heater Raypak Gas Pool Heaters

Pentair MasterTemp Gas Pool Heater Pentair Gas Pool Heaters

Lochinvar Natural Gas and Propane Pool Heaters Lochinvar Gas Pool Heaters

Jandy JXI pool heater Jandy JXi Gas Pool Heaters


Hayward Electric CSPA Pool Heater Hayward CSPA XI 55

Hayward Electric CSPA spa heater Hayward CSPA XI 11

Raypak SpaPak 5.5kW Raypak SpaPak 5.5kW

Raypak SpaPak 11kW Raypak SpaPak 11kW