Summit 8TA Pool Heat Pump, 140,000 BTU

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Summit Summit

Summit Pool Heat Pumps

The SUM8TA heat pump model is 140,000 BTUs and designed to deliver the maximum amount of heat to your pool with excellent energy efficiency and quiet operation.  Easy to access plumbing connections makes installation quick and simple, and with electronic temperature controls, you can program Summit heat pumps to maintain constant temperature!

Features & Benefits
100% Titanium Heat Exchanger guaranteed to never rust or corrode.
Ultra Gold Fin Evaporator Coil resistant to damage
Scroll Compressor – Quietest compressor manufactured
Thermostatic expansion valve (TXV) delivers the proper amount of refrigerant for optimal performance, regardless of the temperature outdoors
Electronic controls – allows the water temperature to be controlled with great precision & energy efficiency
UV Resistant ABS Cabinets - manufactured using ABS plastic to resist damage from UV rays and extreme weather conditions
Sealed Fan Motor- sealed and lubricated to ensure dependable operation.
Wire Net Protector - durable, yet attractive plastic wire net to protect the inside of the heat pump as well as the outer fin evaporator coil.
Fan Blade - increased efficiency and reduced noise levels



Model Specifications

BTU Output, Standard Rating Conditions 80/80/80 :
140,000 BTU
COP, Standard Rating Conditions 80/80/80:
BTU Output 80/80/63 :
130,000 - 139,000 BTU
COP 80/80/63 :
Heat Only
Phase Type :
Single Phase
Fan Speed:
Display Controls:
Scroll 6.75HP
Heat Exchanger:
Titanium PVC
Min Amps / Max Breaker:
Water Flow Min/Max GPM:
15/80 GPM
37" H - 29 3/4" W - 34" D
Max Water Temp:
104 F/40C

Summit heat pumps are warranted for a period of two (2) years parts and labor.

Five (5) year limited warranty on the compressor. During the first two (2) years, the costs incurred by the parts and labor needed to repair the compressor will be the responsibility of Hayward Industries. During years three (3), four (4) and five (5), only parts will be covered by the warranty.

Ten (10) year limited warranty on the titanium tube portion of the heat exchanger.

Download Owner's Manual for details.

Summit Owners Manual (Summit_Owners_Manual.pdf, 1,307 Kb) [Download]

Summit Parts List (Summit_Parts_List.pdf, 514 Kb) [Download]

Summit Warranty (Summit_Warranty.pdf, 274 Kb) [Download]

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