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Salt Chlorinator Systems


Make your own pure fresh chlorine day in - day out
Evenly disperses the chlorine throughout the entire pool via the return jets of the pools filtration system
Provides 100% of your pool sanitation needs automatically

Simply test your pool water weekly and adjust a dial for more or less chlorine as needed
Works on all pool types, plaster, vinyl or fiberglass
Automatic chlorination everyday whether your at home or away

Beautiful Pool Water

Crystal clear pool water- you'll immediately notice the difference and so will your neighbors!
Water so clear and inviting, you will love to be swimming
Easy to maintain the right amount of chlorine without any nasty chlorine smell and irritation
Algae and bacteria are a thing of the past because they never even get a chance to start growing

Soft Water

Water has an unmistakable smooth, soft, silky feel
No more dry itchy skin
No more stinging red eyes
No more dry, brittle hair problems
Blondes don't have to deal with the green hair plague

Cost Savings

Provides 100% of chlorine requirement for pools up to 40,000 gallons.
Save Money - No more buying chlorine tablets, powders, or liquids
Less use of algaecides and other specialty chemicals
Bathing suits don't bleach out and wear out prematurely
Pool finish stays brighter and cleaner without staining

How It Works

How Salt Water Chlorinators Work