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Solar Pool Covers

Solar pool and spa covers by Magni-Clear are durable enough to prevent pool water and chemicals from evaporating with a heavy-duty polyethylene material that works with the sun to catch and retain heat.

Solar covers or solar blankets float on top of your pool and will help raise water temperature by absorbing sunlight and retaining the heat throughout the day.

Covering your pool will keep debris out, cutting back on cleaning time and will prevent evaporation and chemical consumption. They can be used on your pool or spa year-round and are guaranteed to give you maximum heating properties combined with long life. These inexpensive covers by Magni-Clear will help retain heat and will reduce your overall heating costs. Learn more.

Benefits of Using a Pool Cover

  • Conserve water by reducing evaporation
  • Lower heating costs by 50-70 percent
  • Reduce chemical consumption
  • Keep debris out of pool; Cutting back cleaning time
  • Retain pool heat: Significantly reduce pool heat loss
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